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DataNovata replaces DWP Winter Fuels Enquiry mainframe system January 19, 2016

In 2013 the DWP began to formulate a process of migrating their Opstrat VME applications onto a private cloud. The VMEr project was designed to bring together a number of different approaches to address the various requirements of each application.

One of the options was to migrate the relevant data to an archive and enquiry system and NSC successfully tendered to use DataNovata: The Enterprise Application Data Bridge, for this part of VMEr. However, a more pressing need was the use of the DataNovata technology to replace the Winter Fuel Enquiry System (WFES).

A contract was agreed for NSC to embark on an Alpha version of WFES using a Postgres database, which could be developed at a later stage to form a complete live replacement for the mainframe system.

The DWP were impressed by this Alpha version and a contract was signed in September 2014 to enhance it, along with the database migration, load and purge routines, to a state fit for production purposes. At that point, the VME mainframe WFES could be entirely decommissioned.

The WFESr application went live on 27th April 2015.

Any system built using DataNovata can benefit from the following features:

  • Simple
  • No installation is required on a user’s PC; applications can run entirely inside a browser
  • Accessible
  • Accessible from any intranet or internet connected device, including tablets and smartphones, and compatible with popular accessibility software
  • Secure
  • Integration into an existed LDAP service for single sign-on; flexible access controls and encrypted communication between server and PC
  • Portable
  • The server requires only an OS that supports Java and a web server; DataNovata will work with any relational database.

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