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Data Modernisation & Legacy Application Decommissioning

NSC’s services and software for Data Modernisation & Legacy Application Decommissioning enables our customers to focus their time and money on the production systems, not the systems that are holding the ‘data at rest’.  Antiquated, expensive and time consuming legacy applications will transform into a very cost effective, modern, easy to manage and fully maintained asset, using the DataNovata solution.

If your business has taken the time and made the investment in modern business systems, retiring the obsolete applications is only logical. Therefor it makes sense to seriously consider a Data Modernisation & Legacy Application Decommissioning strategy. Legislation requires companies to be able to access historical business and financial information compliantly. NSC has a proven process using DataNovata: The Enterprise Application Data Bridge that enables management to rationalise, modernise data and decommission its legacy estate while making historical data even more accessible than it is now.

A combined effort of our in-house expertise and DataNovata will quickly ensure that legacy applications and systems can be switched off. Now replaced with a modern and easy to use application, on a platform and database of choice.  Organisations will reap the financial and time benefits of a fully maintained and compliant application.

How do we do it

NSC will extract the data from any relational or non-relational database residing on any platform.  The data will then be moved to a database and platform of choice.

DataNovata automatically builds a feature-rich, web-enabled application for any database, providing flexible and secure data retrieval from any device.

This will enable users to access data with minimal training and no technical support. In today’s world of ever-changing compliance regulations, a business must be assured of its data integrity.  DataNovata applications are ‘read-only’ and fully audited, to preserve the data integrity and compliance.  Together with the use of SSL web security your business will be fully secure, compliant and have the data accessible at the touch of a button.

DataNovata also offers a host of features to customise access to data including single sign-on using your existing LDAP service such as Active Directory.

The user interface is designed with the end-user in mind. It does not require any technical expertise, minimal training and allows for the fast and controlled retrieval and navigation of the data.  It can even mimic the user interface of the old system if required.

Data Modernisation for Mergers & Acquisition

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DataNovata For Production Systems

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