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Working Solution: Aerospace

The Challenge

A leading Global Engineering Groups Aerospace Division has a rigid compliance mandate to maintain access to its historic data.  This includes a manufacturing system detailing aircraft parts, planning records, quotations, sales orders and employees that was first implemented in 1968. With support costs for the system running high and its Unidata database about to lose support, the company needed a proven, quick solution to support its business users and maintain compliance.

The Solution The Result
  • Implement DataNovata Premium to render the data into a JAVA-based, HTML5 application accessing an SQL Server database with all the contextual data relationships intact.
  • Simplify screen functions and improve UX with a modern application interface to give users secure and easy access
The Result

The project ran for just 3 months to delivery. When the DataNovata solution was deployed to the customers live environment, the customer was able to switch off the old server and stop paying for maintenance and support for the original application, hardware and database. The DataNovata application is fully compliant accessing the SQL server database. The customer can also share the DataNovata API with other applications.

The Project The Review
  • Windows Server 2003
  • UniData 7.1 database
  • 18,312 data files
  • 88Gb in size
  • 76 screens designed

The project started with a migration of the UniData database to SQL Server. Once on SQL Server, DataNovata automatically generated an application, which was then tailored to meet user requirements within the DataNovata toolkit.

The Review

“In the beginning it was difficult to picture a solution that could potentially be applied to all our legacy archiving needs.  Within three months it was apparent that we had found our Global solution for legacy applications.  If we want to go to the cloud or swap our ERP system or just rationalise our estate, DataNovata is now our go to solution.  NSC understood our requirements and when they changed, they were highly responsive and a pleasure to deal with”.

European IT Director – Customer

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