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Data Modernisation  

application rationalisation

DataNovata: The Enterprise Application Data Bridge for Data Modernisation

DataNovata is a unique solution that enables its customers to implement a robust Data Modernisation and Application Decommissioning strategy. DataNovata takes you into the future, to satisfy all your business data access requirements and puts an end to the status quo of the the current method of dealing with expensive legacy, ERP swap/upgrades and acquired systems. DataNovata also gives views over live data with a GUI front end, even if the production/legacy system is green screen.  This is the answer to the ‘what do we do with this data?’ conundrum.

Your business can now quickly and confidently end the life of your old applications and platforms, whilst reaping the benefits of cost, space and management savings of the old.  It’s time to exchange the outdated, expensive and laborious way of retaining data, for an easy-to-implement, fully supported and scalable strategy for now and into the future.

DataNovata is your data bridge between the old technology and the beginning of the new.  Ensuring your data at rest is far from resting and not costing valuable time and money.


Which Platforms, Databases And Applications?

NSC’s solutions supports heterogeneous enterprise environments including b-spoke applications, packaged ERP, Financial and CRM applications, including but not limited to:

  • Infor Movex/M3, System 21, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle E-Business Suite etc. 
  • All platforms including Windows, UNIX/Linux and IBM z/OS.

Standard Features & Benefits for Data Modernisaion & Application Rationalisation

  • Flexible & customisable
    Tailored to each business. Easily build applications that provide users and auditors the views of the data they require. Additional user views or reports are easily delivered
  • Ability to mimic the old application if required
    No need for technical assistance to retrieve data.  Minimal training required
  • Fully supported application
    Replaces the service you get from a proprietary vendor and a much lower cost
  • Low single licence & setup cost
    Costs significantly less than maintaining legacy or redundant applications
  • Complete & accurate audit trail
    You will know who, what, when, where and how the data was accessed through a single report interface
  • Ability to set a purge routine
    Maintain compliance with enterprise data retention policies
  • Banking standard security (SSL)
    Data access is managed securely
  • Installed on a web server
    No matter who needs information, it can be retrieved quickly and easily from anywhere and on any device
  • Multi-language
    Can be easily configured in multiple spoken languages
  • Online real-time design
    An agile solution that allows an administrator to respond instantly to new requirements
  • Read-only access
    Ensures compliancy. Suitable for all staff and auditors
  • Add notes to selected screens
    Ability to add notes to various records. This is audited and does not interfere with data integrity
  • Modern application
    Improved performance.  Free up your technical staff and increase application knowledge throughout the organisation
Data Modernisation & Legacy Application Decommissioning

NSC’s services and software for Data Modernisation & Legacy Application Decommissioning enables our customers to focus their time and money on the production systems, not the systems that are holding the ‘data at rest’.  Antiquated, expensive and time consuming legacy applications will transform into a very cost…

Data Modernisation for Mergers & Acquisition

Legacy applications are often the result of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A).  M&A Application Decommissioning helps companies focus on the business-critical data. Only migrating the minimum data to the preferred application and infrastructure.  The legacy data can then be ‘DataNovated’ If your company has acquired another business, the data on the acquired…

Application Archiving for Database Migration

Application Archiving for Database Migration enables organisations to focus on migrating only recent business-critical data forward to their replacement database such as the Master Data and Open Transactions. Once you have made the important decision to swap out your current application you need to ensure that the…

DataNovata For Production Systems

DataNovata for Production Systems provides a quick, secure and easy interface for end-users or management to access current data from any location, potentially opening up new revenue opportunities. It may be costly, time consuming or impossible to update the current user interface to your data, especially if…

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